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Closed Sonoma County Restaurants We Miss

From Arrigoni's to Zin, here are some of our favorite Sonoma County restaurants from the past and some that we've lost in recent years due to wildfires and the pandemic.

Restaurants are a reflection of the community. Part gathering spots, part arbiters of local tastes and part entertainment venues, they say a lot about who we are. With changing tastes and changing times, restaurants come and go, leaving behind memories for all who visited. In Sonoma County, some have sadly been lost to wildfires and, more recently, the pandemic.

Click through the gallery above for some of the most popular Sonoma County restaurants that are now gone, but never forgotten. Did we miss one of your favorites? Share your memories in the comments.

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31 thoughts on “Closed Sonoma County Restaurants We Miss

  1. Wow there are some old timers commenting here. The Golden Bear Lodge. And Rogers drive in. The Golden Bear Lodge was not on Los Alamos Road; it was way out Mark West Springs Road. On Los Alimos Rd was the steak place The Highland House. Rogers had burger place on Sebastopol Road, and the other on Guernville Rd at Cleveland. I liked that they put mustard on the burgers, not ketchup. Double burger with chopped onions, relish, some lettuce. The Topaz Room predated Flavor by a few.

  2. Ingram’s Chili Bowl, Fiori & Grace, and now Carmen’s at Town and Country (other location is smaller with less character, but still great food!) Will miss Carmen’s neighborhood feeling at Town & Country

  3. Jeff Mall was 50% owner of Zin Restaurant. His wife Susan Mall was not an owner of Zin Restaurant nor was she involved in the founding of the business. When the business was sold, the Malls took the entire proceeds of the sale including the shared owed to Scott Silva, co-founder and general manager of Zin, and moved to Mexico to evade Silva’s lawsuit. The case has since been settled but not before Silva ended up paying more in legal fees than the $63,000 they took that was owed Silva. They, together with their lawyer, conspired to steal the money owed to Silva.

  4. Flavors suddenly closed down with no explanation not true the reason for the closure was the renovation of the downtown square took so long and with all the construction their restaurant business was affected this was printed in the Press Democrat some time ago

  5. How could you miss Cafe LoLo? Such a great iconic restaurant in downtown Santa Rosa for more than 10 years beginning in 1994.

  6. What is the point of showcasing restaurants that are and have been closed? Business is tough enough for current restaurants- especially in light of the economic fallout from the wildfires and new delivery apps putting the people who are in the service industry at risk for jobs.

    1. Moosetta’s was wonderful in their original location. Piroshkis, Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup and pastries to die for! I made the mistake of visiting a smaller, later location several years ago and trying their piroshki. It was just awful, and I ended up with food poisoning. Yuck.

  7. My wife and I ate lunch often at Chloe’s and the risotto at Flavors was out of this world. Would love both to come back.

  8. I miss rendezvous downtown Santa Rosa, it was a great little spot. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the article.
    Papa’s taverna was in Petaluma, the sign is still there but the building is long gone.

  9. Chloe’s. 🙁 Just looking at the photo brings tears to my eyes.
    Sure wish the family would re-open their French cafe “someplace.”

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