Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Picks Favorite Sonoma County Spots

We've got the scoop on Goop's favorite restaurants, wineries and hotels in Sonoma County (and a few minor corrections).

Shana Bull contributed to this article. 

Loved and loathed lifestyle website Goop, created by actress-guru Gwyneth Paltrow, does more than offer women advice on how to best take care of themselves. In a series of travel itineraries and guides, Goop staff also like to keep readers on the pulse of the hottest spots to visit around the globe. Recently, Goop published their “Guide to Sonoma Valley,” featuring recommendations of places to eat, sleep, wine taste and shop from Sonoma to Sebastopol.

While we don’t have anything against celebrities in wine country, we’d like to clarify that Sonoma Valley (a valley located in southeastern Sonoma County) is not the same as Sonoma County (a county north of San Francisco) or Sonoma (a town in Sonoma County). So what Goop really meant, when including places like Sebastopol and Forestville in their guide, was “Sonoma County.”

Now that this slight geographical glitch is sorted out (we don’t hold it against you Gwyneth, you are not alone in this “Sonoma” confusion), let’s move on to more important issues: what does Gwyneth Paltrow and co. like to eat and drink in Sonoma County (kale? acai? turmeric?) and where do they rest their coiffured heads? If you are as curious as we are, click through the gallery above to behold Goop’s favorite spots in Sonoma Valley County.