The Ultimate Guide to The Best Bloody Marys in Sonoma County

'Tis the season for holiday hangovers. Here's where to find the cure.

Quite possibly the most popular “hair of the dog” drink, the Bloody Mary is an American icon. While its origins are debated (various bartenders claim to have invented it in early 20th century New York City), as is its name (Queen Mary or actress Mary Pickford?), there’s no doubt that this spicy libation is a go-to when one needs a “healthy” booze-laden start to the day after long night out. So what’s in a classic Bloody Mary? Vodka, tomato juice, and a combination of other spices, many of which remain secrets to the bartenders who create them. After a lot of hard research, we present to you the best Bloody Marys in Sonoma County. From the town of Sonoma to the coast, click through the gallery above to discover where to find our favorite hangover cure.