Best Things to Do in Windsor, CA

For those looking to experience some of Wine Country's hidden gems, Windsor is a great place to visit.

The town of Windsor, located just south of Healdsburg, may not be the first item on Wine Country itineraries but for those looking for off-the-beaten path experiences and locals’ favorites, this is a great place to visit. The state-of-the-art Russian River Brewing Company facility is obviously a big draw for many, but there’s more to Windsor than Pliny.

This is the kind of place that values small, family-owned businesses: in and around the Town Green area you’ll find an eclectic mix of shops selling everything from candy to clothes, restaurants serving up international flavors, and tasting rooms pouring a variety of local wines. In summer, there’s live entertainment outdoors and the town makes the holiday season magical with its lighted Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove.

Click through the gallery for some of our favorite things to do in the town of Windsor. 


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