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Best Sonoma Restaurants for First-Time Visitors

A little research on iconic dining destinations can make your Sonoma County visit far more delicious.

The most important part of any trip, aside from where to stay, is where to eat.

While adventuring through the cities, towns and burgs of Wine Country, amazing meal opportunities are literally around almost every bend. If you’re like us, though, doing a little research beforehand on iconic local dining destinations can make your visit far more delicious — and less likely to end up at a drive-thru just because everyone’s starving.

Click through the gallery for some of the best Sonoma restaurants for first-time visitors.

Editor’s Note: Travel, dining and wine tasting can be complicated right now. Use our inspirational ideas to plan ahead for your next outing, be it this week or next year. If you visit restaurants, wineries, and other businesses during the pandemic, remember to call ahead, make reservations, wear a mask and social distance.

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