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Kin | Windsor

Family-friendly restaurant features American comfort classics and a great burger!

JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant
JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant


JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant
JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant

Grab mom, dad, the kids, granny and the cousins because Kin has opened and all your family folk are welcome. Even Uncle Bernie.

Part of a third wave of wallet and family-friendly businesses moving into the Windsor Town Green, Kin is the kind of neighborhoody burger, beer, sandwich and pot roast eatery that Applebee’s dreams of someday becoming. Minus all the hokey schwag and microwaved food.

Fieri alums Brad Barmore and JC Adams, both restaurant biz dads wanted to create a place to take their kids that didn’t feel like, well, a place to take the kids. Armed with family recipes like Grandma’s beer-braised pot roast and Brad’s father-in law’s secret barbecue sauce (“It was harder to get that recipe than it was getting his daughter’s hand,” laughs Brad), the two launched the restaurant in late June.

And Windsor is already at the table, forks raised. On the menu: Roasted Pear and Brie Sandwich on Ciabbata ($8); a spicy take on the pastrami sandwich with thick-cut slices of meat, pickled jalaepeno, Swiss and garlic mustard aloe ($9); the Smokehouse pizza (marinated steak, caramelized onions and smoked Gouda with homemade BBQ Sauce, $12); and KIN Mac and Cheese, a creamy and nearly perfect mixture of macaroni, bacon, Fontina and bread crumbs ($8).

Don’t miss: KIN burger is a top 5 contender for BiteClub’s best burgers in SoCo. A rub of coffee and coriander spice mix grills up perfectly on the 8oz. coarse-ground beef, topped with smoked Gouda and homemade BBQ sauce it’s smokey perfection ($12). Dinosaur Bones are a signature, with two bronto-sized beef ribs beer braised and finished on the grill ($26).

Kids get their own mix and match three course menu (folded like a cootie-catcher) that includes “Gotta Eat Now!” first courses of salami and cheese, followed by a choice of mini pizzas, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, mac n’ cheese, and grilled chicken and ice cream for dessert. The whole thing sets mom and dad back a startlingly cheap $6.50. An outdoor patio makes for nice summer dining (and toddler-friendly family seating).

What’s a family gathering without a few suds? Kin has a hand-picked beer menu featuring rare offerings from Firestone Walker Brewing (Parabola), Smoked Porter from Stone Brewing, Cureux from Allagash Brewing along with everything from Coors Light to Red Rooster on tap.

So pull up a table, take a nibble off everyone’s plate, toast to your kin and pass dad the bill at the end. When you’re at Kin, you’re family.

Kin Restaurant, 740 McClelland Drive (former DePaoli’s), Windsor, 837-7546. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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