Wine Country Fires: 7 Sonoma Wines to Buy Right Now to Support Fire Relief

Buying wine directly from local wineries is one way to help those affected by the fires.

“Buy our wine!” has become the rallying cry of Sonoma County winemakers and vintners since wildfires ravaged the wine producing region. While several Sonoma wineries were damaged or destroyed by the ferocious flames, others remain deeply affected by the catastrophe – many winery owners and workers lost their homes and/or jobs during the fires. These wineries are now taking resolute steps toward recovery, but their success relies on the support of locals and visitors alike.

Buying wine directly from local wineries is one way to help those affected by the fires – directly, by helping winery employees pay their bills and feed their families, and indirectly by boosting the local economy and, in turn, investments in initiatives serving the local community and those impacted by the fires. For every $100 you spend purchasing wine directly from a Sonoma County winery, 48% of that purchase goes back into the local economy (if you purchase wine from a chain, only 14% is returned to the local economy).

A number of Sonoma County wineries are now also supporting fire relief efforts by donating part of the proceeds to local non-profits. If you’d like to help Sonoma wineries and support the local economy, we have picked out a selection of wines to buy that not only taste great, but also benefit a good cause – a win win (or should that be “wine-wine”?) for everyone. Click through the gallery above for all the details.

Looking for more wines to buy to support fire relief efforts? Check out additional wineries throughout California supporting fire efforts here.