Top 10 Babymoon Activities in Sonoma County

Babymoons are the latest travel trend for parents-to-be. Here's how to spend one in Sonoma County.

For many expecting parents, the last few months before the baby is born are usually devoted to planning and a variety of obligations: doctor’s appointments, parenting classes and baby showers – not to mention getting everything ready at home while dealing with the last stages of pregnancy.

Many couples might feel a little overwhelmed during this busy period, and this is when a babymoon – the latest “trend” for moms and dads to be – can come in handy. Like a honeymoon, this type of vacation offers couples a chance to relax, spend quality time together and have some fun – and Sonoma County makes for a great babymoon destination (and is very kid-friendly, too!)

We talked to local babymoon expert Cindy Scott-Fuchs, founder of Mellow Mommy (a company dedicated to babymoon retreats and other wellness-related getaways in Sonoma County). Click through the gallery for some of Cindy’s top suggestions, as well as a few of our own, and have a happy and relaxing babymoon!