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10 Kid-Friendly Wineries in Sonoma & Napa

Grape juice and fun activities for the kids, vino for the parents - it's a win-win.

There was a time when kids and wine country was not a great pairing. But that is changing. A new breed of family-friendly wineries are now welcoming wine-loving parents and their (well-behaved) offspring for some fun in the vineyard – children sipping grape juice while parents relax, wine in hand. Click through the gallery to discover the most kid-friendly wineries in Sonoma and Napa.

Grace Yarrow contributed to this article. 

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3 thoughts on “10 Kid-Friendly Wineries in Sonoma & Napa

  1. I go to wineries to enjoy adult time. The last thing I want when I go out with my boyfriend is a bunch of children running around the winery and the grounds. Now I’ll know which wineries to avoid… 🍷

  2. Funny to think back ,way back. Asti used to be the place to go in the 1950’s-60’s. It was like Coppola x 10 as a Tourist stop. For the Kids in the tasting room, Give them fresh “Cookies”. Big baskets of sugar high’s for all the little ones and then lots of lawn’s outside to run around on. Life was simple and the cookies, well I still crave them!

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