Things To Do in Sonoma, What's New in Wine Country

Best Summer Ever: 40 Things to Do in Sonoma County July Through September

Possibly our most exciting list so far: get ready to swim, dance, float, bike, hike, eat, stargaze and wine taste your way through summer.

You know the drill. No sooner is the Memorial Day barbecue consumed than you turn your fantasies to summer — all those fantabulous things you’re going to do with the hot days and nights lingering ahead. Then suddenly it’s September, and we find ourselves staring down a dull plate of Nothingburger on Labor Day, cursing the summer that once again got away from us.

That doesn’t have to be your fate. Wherever you find yourself on the calendar, vow to turn it around now. Indulge in a Wicked Slush at Amy’s, book a night at Broadway Under the Stars, take that long-imagined float down the Russian River, or dive into the pool at Morton’s Warm Springs or Coppola Winery.

Those memorable summer moments can be as simple as beer with a dog at Stumptown, a beach day at Russian Gulf or a free concert in Juilliard Park. Mix it up with a big bite off your bucket list by skydiving in Cloverdale or learning to surf in Bodega Bay. Deciding can leave us frozen. So we’ve sifted through a multitude of options to come up with these ideas for making this your best summer ever in Sonoma County.

Click through the gallery for details.

—Meg McConahey

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