Longtime Mexican Restaurant in Healdsburg Gets New Name, New Menu

El Farolito is now Gallina D’Oro. The new menu is a bit pared down, but the mole Oaxaqueno, thankfully, remains.

The owners of Healdsburg’s El Farolito have renamed (and revamped the menu) of the longtime restaurant to Gallina D’Oro.

The menu is a bit pared down and more casual, but the mole Oaxaqueno, thankfully, remains. New to the menu is estofado ($25), a roasted chicken with estofado mole (a green mole).

There are also tacos, including tacos ahogados ($17) and quesabrria ($19) because these consomme-dipped beef tacos seem to be required at every taqueria.

Breakfast of chilaquiles ($17) is new as well. “Our dishes, rooted in farm-to-table principles, spotlight two beloved favorites: the humble chicken and the versatile egg,” reads the website at gallinadoro.com.

Open daily, 123 Plaza St., Healdsburg, 707-433-2807.