50 Things to Eat in Sonoma County Before You Die

Eat your way through this bucket list of favorite dishes found around Sonoma County.

Fifty Sonoma County dishes may seem like a lot, but to be honest, it wasn’t easy to whittle down our list from the hundreds of incredible and iconic meals we’ve had from Cloverdale to Cotati. 

What makes the grade? Eating isn’t an exact science, but these dishes represent either the chef or the restaurant, use great local ingredients or have been around so long that they’ve become part of the fabric of Wine Country. That, and the fact that we got great input from our readers.

No doubt we’ll miss plenty of favorites, but that’s the fun of lists like these – doing the research for the next list.

In no particular order, we present Sonoma Magazine’s 50 Favorite Sonoma County Dishes in the gallery above.