Where to Try 2020’s Biggest Food and Drink Trends in Sonoma County

The fried chicken trend gets hotter and sour drinks are all the rage. Here's more deliciousness to look forward to this year.

What will we be eating in 2020? Food fanatics can’t help but love this time of year when we prognosticate exactly what trends may be coming (and going) in the next 12 months.

As usual, it’s a mixed bag of conflicting ideas:

Nuts are the new dairy, but alternative nut butters are raging.

Middle Eastern foods are on the rise, but fried chicken is still big.

You’ll be puckering up with lots of sour flavors, but sweet desserts are upping their game with “adult” versions of ice cream sundaes.

The good news is that 2020 will bring increased attention to issues like climate change, zero waste, livable wages in the hospitality industry, healthy-eating alternatives and a move away from old-school processed foods.

Click through the gallery for some of our favorite upcoming trends you’ll be seeing here in Sonoma County.


3 thoughts on “Where to Try 2020’s Biggest Food and Drink Trends in Sonoma County

  1. The meatless “everything burger” touted by Burger King tastes like a pancake or grits . No meat flavor but it looks like meat.

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  2. I can’t wait to try so many of these things! Great lineup. Just a heads-up — the Reishi Roast is created by Lily Mazzarella and Amy Charnay of Farmacopia in Santa Rosa, and served at the Nectary as one of its many delicious and healthy menu items. It can be purchased at a number of places in the area, however, including Farmacopia and Miracle Plum.

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