Santa Rosa Chef Has an Easy Solution for Eating Mega-Healthy

Sonoma's first Community Supported Kitchen helps busy folks eat healthy, natural, local foods.

A partial “share” of Chef Rob Hogencamp’s weekly pickup at Three Leaves Comunity Supported Kitchen in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD

Eating healthy is such a noble idea. We’ve all made those promises, bought the cookbooks, made special trips to the bulk bins for things like brewer’s yeast and amaranth flour. After all the expense and time, you’ve got a pantry full of mystery ingredients you’ll likely never use. You’re not alone.

Basil aioli, couscous salad, “emerald” soup and lentil salad are part of a weekly “share”. Additional items included turkey Bolognese and oatmeal cookies.

We’ve found the perfect solution: Weekly “shares” from Three Leaves Community Supported Kitchen that includes “ready to heat and eat” dishes like coconut milk lentil soup with bone broth, pasture-raised meatloaf with root vegetable puree and greens, Thai salad with maitake mushrooms, apple chutney, or cinnamon cashew milk rice pudding.

Rob Hogencamp of Three Leaves Community Supported Kitchen in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD
Rob Hogencamp of Three Leaves Community Supported Kitchen in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD

Former Ceres chef Rob Hogencamp has taken over Sonoma County’s first CSK (Community Supported Kitchen), introducing many of his own recipes for weekly “shares” picked up at the store. Each share includes:

-1  32 oz. field-inspired soup
-1  32 oz fresh salad
-1  32 oz side dish
-1  easy-to-reheat prepared dinner entrée 
-1  8 oz ferment, sauce or spread
-a  healthy gluten-free dessert

He’s also got several freezers and refrigerators, however, for a la carte offerings ranging from bone broth and burgers to vegan desserts, probiotic drinks, nut butters and dressings. Everything is sustainably sourced, packaged in reusable or compostable containers.

We’ve tried programs like this in the past, and been a bit underwhelmed or simply didn’t like the dishes, but Hogencamp’s experience feeding seriously ill folks at Ceres with delicious, whole foods that actually taste good translates perfectly to those of us who just want to eat better. Plus, when you can get a teen to eat lentil soup for three days straight without complaint? Win.

As a member, I look at our shares as “veggie insurance”–a premade promise that we’re eating something with dense nutrition several nights a week. That way I don’t feel quite so guilty when we have to hit the drive-thru on busier nights. And no, I don’t get a discount or a freebie for saying that. 

Some weeks have been more to my personal taste than others, and I certainly haven’t liked everything. But overall, Rob’s mason jars are the first thing I go for in the fridge. And, again, when a teen says, “Can we have Three Leaves tonight?” I call it a huge win.

Each “share” is $80, and is roughly 2-3 meals, depending. (For comparison, we tried Blue Apron, which is about $60 for three meals and requires prep and cooking). We use the salads as supplements to our usual dinners, soups for 2-4 lunches, and the entree for, well, an entree with some leftovers. Condiments and desserts are usually hidden for me. Prices are $75 if you pay a month in advance. 

For more details on ordering and pricing, along with Three Leaves’ hours, go to


8 thoughts on “Santa Rosa Chef Has an Easy Solution for Eating Mega-Healthy

  1. Helen, for myself, we have more time on the weekends to cook. To have a service like this that accommodates the M-F work week would be great. With their limited hours and odd mid-week pick up I’m not sure who there customer base is, but it doesn’t work for us. Which is too bad, I’d really like to try this.

  2. I heard about 3 Leaves several months ago but couldn’t check it out cause the hours were so limited. Also, looks like meal pick up is on Wednesday. The week is more than half over. If people could pick up on a Sunday to have food for the week I would definitely try this.

    1. It’s still a week……7 days are 7 days whether they start w/ Sunday or w/Wednesday. After all.

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