Craft Beer Weekend in Sonoma: 19 Things to Do for Beer Lovers

Planning a beer getaway to Sonoma County? Here are 18 spots to add to your itinerary.

Sonoma County may be a wine lover’s playground but following the emergence of a band of brewery brothers and sisters pioneering the production of artfully crafted local beers, the region has evolved into a mecca for microbrew maniacs. Pliny pilgrims now descend on Santa Rosa during the month of February and beer enthusiasts from around the world populate local brewery patios and taprooms year round.

So how does a beer lover best explore Sonoma County? No doubt, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We’ve picked out a few gems, inside and outside the taproom, to help you structure a trip that will match the county’s beer ratings. And don’t forget to get on a bike, and see the coast between beers!

Click through the gallery above for all the details, and remember to bring a designated driver, or arrange for transportation – Uber and Lyft are available, as well as beer tour buses.