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Daytripping: 13 Things to Do in Forestville

Forestville’s unofficial motto is “The Good Life.” It is not hard to see why.

Forestville’s unofficial motto is “The Good Life.” And it’s not hard to see why. A summer destination for bohemians, writers, artists and vacationers since the early 1900s, this tiny town has all the necessary ingredients for La Dolce Vita — majestic redwoods, fir-covered hills dotted by eccentric cabins, the Russian River meandering toward Pacific shores, a wide variety of artisanal food, a rural flavor and a laid back style. Click through the gallery above for a few of our favorite Forestville things to do.

Did we miss one of your favorite spots? Let us know in the comments.

Research by Josephine Clements. 


Editor’s Note: Travel, dining and wine tasting can be complicated right now. Use our inspirational ideas to plan ahead for your next outing, be it this week or next year. If you visit restaurants, wineries, and other businesses during the pandemic, remember to call ahead, make reservations, wear a mask and social distance.

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3 thoughts on “Daytripping: 13 Things to Do in Forestville

  1. Nice article, folks write about the Russian River area but this is the first article I have seen about our little town!

  2. Twist Eatery on Front street is the true gem in Forestville – Food so good you’ll want to buy another meal (or 2 ) to take home for dinner ! Open 11 – 4 Tues – Sat
    Note:,get there early for the specials
    Just a few steps to the left of Tiny Town , shame you missed it ; worth showcasing in a separate feature though 🙂

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