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10 Must-Try Tacos in Sonoma County

There’s a lifetime of tacos out there just waiting to be discovered. And you don’t even have to wait until #tacotuesday.

Tour Sonoma County with dining editor Heather Irwin in honor of the richly filmed and mouthwateringly inspiring Netflix show, Taco Chronicles. 

Most people find it hard to imagine that I didn’t try my first taco until the age of about 30 — and even then with much trepidation and disbelief. Those tiny corn tortillas had no business being unfried and doubled up like that, I thought. It didn’t contain cumin-overloaded seasoning from a packet. It didn’t even have hamburger or sour cream. One bite, however, of a simple carnitas soft taco with onions and fresh cilantro, a little dab of hot sauce and — hold-the-guacamole, this is a taco?!

Even years later, after eating thousands of tasty tacos from throughout California, I still don’t fully understood the subtleties of this ancient, beloved street food of Mexico. But I’ve made progress after devouring two seasons of Netflix’s series The Taco Chronicles, which schooled me in the culture and history of al pastor and lesser-known local taco fillers like suadero (fatty beef) and cabrito (goat), buche (pork stomach) and cabeza (head).

So whether you end up going on a Taco Chronicles adventure of your own, exploring out-of-the-way taquerias specializing in barbacoa, or you just want to challenge yourself to get out of a burrito rut, there’s a lifetime of tacos out there just waiting to be discovered. And you don’t even have to wait until #tacotuesday. Click through the above gallery for details.

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