“Horse Whisperer” Gets New Home in Sonoma County

Dennis Reis, a renowned horse trainer, has acquired a 630 acre Petaluma ranch.

Dennis and Deborah Reis. (Courtesy Photo)

Dennis and Deborah Reis. (Courtesy Photo)

Dennis Reis has devoted more than 30 years to horse training and horsemanship clinics, earning him the nickname “The Horse Whisperer.” 

Last week, the years of hard work culminated in a cowboy dream come true for Dennis and his wife Deborah: a 630 acre ranch in Petaluma. The ranch, located “where the pavement ends and the west begins,” will now give the Reis additional opportunity to conduct workshops, training, horse breeding and horse sales.

Over the past three decades, the Reis have developed a “non-breed” and “non-discipline” educational program guided by their trademark principle “Universal Horsemanship.” The Reis’s step-by-step curriculum includes elements such as confidence building, balanced riding, mounted work, horse psychology and ground school awareness. The Sonoma County couple also hosts a weekly international show on RFD TV and a “No Dust” seminar that combines horsemanship techniques with classical dressage and trail obstacles.

For more information about the Reis’s horsemanship clinics, visit www.reisranch.com.