Best Pizza in Sonoma County: 20 Favorite Restaurants for Tasty Pies

A roundup of some of our favorite slices and pies.

by Sonoma Magazine staff

It’s hard to pick a favorite pizza spot, when so many Sonoma County restaurants serve up excellent pies – whether hand-tossed, wood-fired or ooey-gooey Friday night style. To satisfy your pizza cravings, we’ve gone through some of our favorites from the past and picked out a few standout restaurants for tasty pies. Share your go-to pizza spots in the comments.


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19 thoughts on “Best Pizza in Sonoma County: 20 Favorite Restaurants for Tasty Pies

  1. I don’t know who this is in the same area but Urban Pizza in Santa Rosa is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! Besides that the people are really nice. Not much for Ambience though

  2. You really missed out on Penngrove Market’s wood fired pizzas, calzones, and piadines (including a banh mi version!). Full disclosure: I work there, so I’m biased. 😉 Feel free to contact me or call the market and ask for Chef Joe, my employer.

  3. How could you possibly miss Sal’s Pizzeria in Rohnert Park? Always local ingredients, Always fresh
    How could you put a chain like Mod Pizza in a list like this? Insulting to the true pizzerias!

  4. Hippizzazz, wow, that deep dish pizza is amazing. The other pizzas are great too…… By the way, I don’t know how Mary’s pizza could ever make this list.

  5. Pizza Gourmet on Fulton & Guerneville Rd – family owned, great crust, nice folks, and a variety of unique pizza recipes (try the Barcelona!) – check them out!

  6. I also highly recommend the Red Horse Pizza food “trailer”. They are usually parked at Henhouse Brewing Company in Santa Rosa. Henhouse has upgraded the outdoor area in front with more tables, fake grass, wooden roofs over the tables, and a concrete slab for the trailer to park on. Red Horse’s pizza is the best I have ever had, though I haven’t been to some of the places featured in this article.

  7. While I have yet to try every pizza mentioned in this article (but I’m so willing to do the research), I have to say that I think it’s a shame that you included MOD Pizza (a delicious chain I’ve enjoyed all over the country) and not my very favorite pizza in Sonoma County… Joe’s Combo from Caprara’s Pizza in Penngrove. Give it a try; you’re missing out if you haven’t!

    1. I get non-believers eating Caprara’s Pizza, Buddy Special.. as odd as it sounds, it taste good. Plus Buddy was a good guy..

  8. Pizza for pizza’s sake:

    1. Old Chicago, Petaluma. Don’t forget the garlic!
    2. La Vera, Santa Rosa
    3. Mountain Mikes, Mission/Montgomery
    4. Mary’s, Boyes Hot Springs. Mary’s #1 has the mini-chain’s best.

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