The 18 Best Happy Hours in Sonoma County

Nothing makes us happier than eating, drinking and saving money - all at the same time.

Though there are hundreds of great happy hours from Cloverdale to Petaluma, not all are created equal. Here are some favorite places that combine great food, drinks and crowds to make your post-work hours happier, at least for an hour or so. Click through the gallery above for the best happy hours in Sonoma County.



5 thoughts on “The 18 Best Happy Hours in Sonoma County

  1. Bravas Bar Happy Hour is LUXE ?
    But the fabulous Starks happy hour is a thing of the past. ?
    The Happy Hour at Starks has changed drastically , and not for the better as far as I’m concerned . Gone are the prawns , the meatballs . I had tuna tacos ( the shells were an inedible not very fresh smelling oil soaked mess ) 3 oysters for $6 & the 3 together weren’t as large as 1 normal oyster. I’ll cherish the memory of Starks happy hour of days gone by . RIP.

  2. Thanks for this interesting and expensive yuppy happy hour information. I stick with The Nutty; 440 Club; and Hey Mistr.

  3. Wait till we have legal recreational cannabis. The happy hour will be redefined and will truly be happy!

  4. “… make your post-work hours happier, at least for an hour or so.” OK, until it’s time to check in on your family at home, kick the dog, yell at the wife and kids, then plop in front of the tube with another tall cold one.
    We can all do without that kind of “happiness” for a change. Remember why you love your wife? Does that still make you happy? I have zero tolerance for drunks at the bar who will be driving back home. And don’t give me that “responsible drinker” crap. If you need alcohol every day to give you a smile, your life is a mess.

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