5 Breweries to Visit at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Local craft beers are stealing the spotlight at the Harvest Fair.


In its 42nd year, the Harvest Fair will be serving up the very best of Sonoma County bounty this weekend. While world-class local wines take center stage, local craft beers are stealing some of the spotlight. 

Harvest Fair attendees will have the opportunity to meet the brewers first hand, while sampling their brews. Breweries are mixed in alphabetically among the wineries and will serve up some fun surprises (the beer lineup is not revealed in advance).

These five breweries will be serving samples at the Harvest Fair: 

The Bear Republic
Famous for the Racer 5, a well balanced, hop forward double IPA, The Bear Republic makes a series of great brews. Look for the Hop Shovel, Peter Brown Ale, Grand Am, Hop Rod Rye, or the Red Rocket Ale. Make sure to try their Salmon BLTA (it won Gold Medal for best Seafood Entrée at this year’s Harvest Fair Restaurant Competition) and pair it with El Oso. If they’re serving Red Rocket, grab a “Noni’s meatball” from Peloton Culinary – amazing pairing.

Carneros Brewing Company
Carneros Brewing Company, located in Sonoma Valley, is owned and operated by four brothers – you might get a chance to meet all of them at this year’s fair. The Sonoma Valley brewery is known for their Jefeweizen and Cerveza Pilsner. They also brew a Negra IPA, Morena Ale, and Carneros IPA – all great.


St. Florian’s Brewing
A personal brewery favorite, St. Florian’s is run an operated by Aron and Amy Levin. Aron and Amy will be showcasing a brand new beer at this year’s fair: the Fresh Hop on the Engine. While I haven’t tasted this beer yet, I am pretty sure I am going to love it…this is a  special Pale Ale that they brewed using hops grown by the Santa Rosa High School Ag Program. Bank on another beer or two on rotation; the classic Flashover IPA perhaps, or the popular Cali Common.

Lagunitas Brewing Company
Lagunitas never lets their fans down. From the Daytime IPA to Little Sumpin’, everyone’s palate is sure to be pleased here. I am hoping to get a sip on the 12th of Never and the Lagunitas Sucks.

Henhouse Brewing
New to the taproom scene, the Henhouse brewers are no strangers to the Sonoma County Beer scene. They started out promoting their beers through events like the Harvest Fair, and serve up an incredibly delicious Saison as well as an Oyster Stout and Pilsner.

The Harvest Fair Grand tasting is located in the Grace Pavilion at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds. The wine and beer tasting event is indoors. Tickets can be purchased through the website for $55/person, per day, all inclusive.

350 Bennett Valley Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 545-4200, www.harvestfair.org,