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25 Best Cheap Eats in Sonoma County

From gyros and burgers to burritos and poke, here's 25 local restaurants with great value and great food.

I get hassled (almost daily) about how expensive restaurants can be in Sonoma County. Sometimes it’s justified, because, well, good ingredients aren’t cheap. Neither is good help or a good location. But that’s beside the point of this story — Sonoma County’s Cheap Eats! We’ve found 25 restaurants with great value and great food — mostly ones we haven’t talked about lately. Check the gallery above for the whole list.

Have a favorite we missed? Let us know in the comments…

Editor’s Note: Travel, dining and wine tasting can be complicated right now. Use our inspirational ideas to plan ahead for your next outing, be it this week or next year. If you visit restaurants, wineries, and other businesses during the pandemic, remember to call ahead, make reservations, wear a mask and social distance.

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