Your Guide to Downtown Los Angeles, An Easy Flight from Sonoma County Airport STS

Craving an urban experience with indoor food markets, contemporary art, bustling nightlife and maybe a couple of movie stars? Booming DTLA is just an easy flight away.

There was a time, not that long ago, when getaway options from Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) were limited. Not anymore.

Daily nonstop flights now take off to destinations like Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix. Soon, Denver (beginning in March) and Dallas (June) will be added to the list. Throw in seasonal flights to Minnesota and Las Vegas, and you’ve got a wide range of options.

Another bonus: traveling from STS is a breeze compared to SFO and Oakland International Airport. Leave the car at home, take Uber/Lyft or SMART train to the airport, and be greeted by Lucy’s colorful help desk along with some of the shortest security lines you’ll ever see.

With so many get-out-of-town-with-ease possibilities it may be hard to decide where to jet next. To help our fellow travel-lovers out, we’re putting together getaway guides on where to stay, eat and play at each destination. First up: Los Angeles.

It would take multiple Southern California trips to cover all the sun-filled corners of trend-setting L.A. For short getaways, it’s best to focus on neighborhoods, like the downtown area. Click through the gallery above to see why DTLA is the talk of the town these days.




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