West County Grill rises again as Pizza Vino 707

West County Grill reopens

pizzavino.jpgBiteClub’s been hearing for a while that former West County Grill partner Stephen Singer has been thinking of reopening the shuttered downtown restaurant — but now we’ve got confirmation.

After sitting silent for nearly a year (despite several top chefs sniffing around at the location), the downtown Sebastopol restaurant will be reborn as Pizza Vino 707, we hear, within the next few weeks. The website doesn’t give much info, other than touting wood-fired pizzas (which makes sense, since the grill spent oodles on a state-of-the-art pizza oven), cocktails and “daily specials” on the plaza.

It’s still a bit unclear who’ll be in the kitchen, but insiders say Singer, who lives in Sebastopol, will continue to be a major player. The restaurant has been advertising on Craigslist for a few weeks for servers and kitchen staff.

Opening Soon: Pizza Vino 707, 6948 Sebastopol Ave., Sebastopol

Stay tuned for more details…


20 thoughts on “West County Grill rises again as Pizza Vino 707

  1. Ate there a week ago…good service, but the pizza barely had any toppings. If I pay that much for a pizza I expect a little more. The bare plywood and egg crate foam on the ceiling was not attractive. Won’t go back.

  2. Outstanding place — unbelievable food, service. drove up from the peninsula to eat here. hope it’s a great success !
    oh, and a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy life and people

  3. I went there last night and it was lovely. Warm olives, Italian wines by the glass, and the pizza was great. I had the Sebastopol squash blossom pizza with 4 cheeses and olive oil and it was perfect. The price was great too. 4 glasses of wine and the food was like $40. It will be nice to have a place like this to go to,sit outside and have a nosh and cocktails.

  4. I just went to the grand opening tonight and had a great time. Stephen was acting host and great to chat with. Awesome food, service, and the cooks were great too! I also want to thank my server Jill for doing an awesome job tonight! Racer 5 on tap!! 🙂

  5. I too attended the soft opening and it was lovely…the staff is great, the food was wonderful. Im willing to drive from santa rosa to sebastopol for the atmosphere alone! i especially enjoyed the bartender, shes great! I recommend this place to anyone!

  6. I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening on Friday last, and the staff were friendly and attentive, the bartenders were wonderful (as were their drinks), and the complimentary bites I sampled were all delicious. As many have said, the space is lovely and well-located. I look forward to summer evenings with cold beer and a crispy pizza.

  7. It’s funny how this one location brings out such anger and contempt in the people of this great town.
    annoyed, I think you need to take a deep breath.

  8. D-bag? (annoyed) how would you know?
    I’ve walked out of West County Grill (due to the bad service, I’ll spare you the details) and right over to Hopmonk to spend my money there! So, that speaks volumes

  9. “Let us all take a deep breath,” get over our anonymous selves, and quit name-dropping. Who cares who owns it as long as it is quality enough to keep you borderlines coming in on a regular basis. Yes, West County had some drawbacks, but Hopmonk is nowhere to get a proper drink even if some d-bag gives you a pat on the back. On a pretty positive note, I’m looking forward to seeing how… Thomas Keller, I mean Bobby Flay, I mean Michael Mina, I mean Anthony Bourdain, I mean Traci Des Jardins, I mean Julia Child, I mean The Swedish Chef… runs the place. There is nice natural lighting in the place!

  10. As a long time west county resident, i am more than excited to have stephen singer back. it is a lovely space, a great bar, and a much needed alternative to a relatively mediocre sebastopol food scene. let us all take a deep breath. we are all entitled to a second chance.

  11. We need lots of diverse choices for food and libation here in West County, so this is a good thing. The space is lovely and well located. We will hope for friendly,competent management, friendly service and delicous wood-fired fare. Good luck to Stephen! We will support him…

  12. It will be nice to have another restaurant to chose from in West County. I truly hope that the management staff Mr. Singer uses is a more pleasant group than in the past. We quit going after feeling like we were a bother to the staff. One particular manager felt it more important to schmooz at the Bar with those customers.
    Good luck to you!

  13. I’ll stick with dean biersch and hopmonk, where you are welcomed with a hand shake or a pat on the back and how in the hell are ya.

  14. This should be interesting anyway. You say, “several top chefs sniffing around” till they sniffed out what he was asking.
    It is a great spot to hang-out. Too bad someone else did not have that balls to do this.
    Let’s recommend a semester in charm school from the top down.
    I’m excited!

  15. woodfired hot damn! – i hope it is close to as comfy as Lucy’s – it would be great to have it back and hopefully downhome style -Inchallah

  16. This is great news for Sebastopol. Stephen Singer has proven he can create good restaurants which was what made West County Grill all the more confusing. Where was he??? He had to know it was a disaster from food to bartenders (who never offered a second round) to atmosphere. Let’s hope he is more hands on this time. We need a good hang-out in this town.

  17. Stephen Singer? He has the balls to use his name on another restaurant ? As I see it he was part of the problem at West County Grill and will be part of the problem at Pizza Vino 707. I guess the same bad attitude staff will follow.

  18. Why would that even matter. The paper is only suppossed to report about people that soley benefit them? Weird, didn’t realize that even came into play when reporting back to the general public.

  19. they are advertising for employees on Craig’s list and not the Press Democrat?? Then why the heck are you giving this coverage??

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