10 Things to Do in Sonoma County When You’re 18, Broke and Bored

Some free (or almost-free) things to do if you're young and want to make the most of Sonoma County summer.

As an 18-year-old in Sonoma County, your options for fun activities can be limited. You can drive, sure, but you can’t take full advantage of the Wine Country culture — the tasting rooms, the tap rooms, the farm-to-table food are off limits because of your age and skinny wallet. But with some creativity, and a few good friends in tow, there’s actually a lot to enjoy in Sonoma County that doesn’t involve fancy wine and food.

We’ve narrowed down some free (or almost-free) things to do if you want to take advantage of summer in Sonoma County, or just can’t stand scrolling through Stranger Things season 5 theories any more. Click through the gallery for details. 

Julia Green contributed to this article.