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The Best Sonoma County Wines at Trader Joe’s, Spring 2019 Edition

We found some fabulous bottles in the sea of cheap wine at Trader Joe's.

It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s is a favorite among foodies on a budget, but what about wine lovers in search of a steal? Sure, you can always count on finding a great deal at TJ’s (the grocery store’s most popular wine brand “Charles Shaw” is aptly nicknamed “Two-Buck Chuck”) but discerning wine drinkers might worry about the quality. As it turns out, there’s no reason to turn your oenophile nose up at Trader Joe’s wine selection if you know what you’re looking for – there are even local labels on the shelves! To aid my fellow wine lovers, I headed to the Cleveland Avenue store to check out their current selection of Sonoma County wines. Click through the gallery for my spring 2019 favorites. 

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