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The Cleanest, Prettiest and Quirkiest Restaurant Bathrooms in Sonoma County

Because the restroom can make or break your dining experience.

No one wants to talk about bathrooms at restaurants because…ewww.

But really, we should, because first off, they better be clean. And secondly? Sometimes they’re almost as much fun as the restaurant. Showing off personal creativity, humor and a whole lot of panache, here are some of Sonoma County’s quirkiest, most delightful and noteworthy restaurant commodes according to our enthusiastic Facebook fans.

We sent our intern, Kasy out for some of the photos, which he said was quite an experience. “It’s been a funny experience. Lots of question marks, laughs, etc. – but most of them seem to be ecstatic to be included…It just catches them off-guard. “Wait, you want photos of… the restroom, not the restaurant?” I’m always like, “Yeah, we don’t care about the food or the overall dining experience, just the bathrooms.”

Also check out: Hotel Healdsburg, Stumptown, El Barrio, Barndiva and The Villa (“The pink retro ladies’ room at The Villa! It’s a must see!)…which we couldn’t get pix of.

Anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “The Cleanest, Prettiest and Quirkiest Restaurant Bathrooms in Sonoma County

  1. You can learn much more about a restaurant by peeking into the kitchen, maybe taking a glance at the dumpster area. (father a health inspector)

  2. The bathroom at the former De Schmire restaurant in Petaluma was very quirky. It had tile designs set in concrete, so much fun to look at!

  3. The Press Democrat struggles and complains about the challenges of providing a newspaper. Yet they waste money on absurd articles like this but cannot provide real news. And stories with anything more than a image found on Google. This article sadly illustrates the focus and destination of local news reporting or journalism.

    1. I really disagree with you. This article isn’t meant to be CNN. It’s commentary about local restaurants, its informative and, as silly as it sounds, artful. A restroom in a restaurant says A LOT about the sanitation and cleanliness of the restaurant overall – something I would want to know! Let’s face it, people spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom, why shouldn’t it be creative, calming, artful and even entertaining besides just clean! It shows attention to detail and in a restaurant Every detail matters.

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