Table Culture Provisions Finds a New Home in Petaluma

The restaurant is slated for a late fall opening.

Table Culture Provisions has found a permanent home at the former Chili Joe’s near downtown Petaluma, at 312 Petaluma Blvd. S.

The pop-up restaurant briefly operated out of the space now occupied by Wishbone restaurant, on Petaluma Boulevard North, before chefs/owners Stephane Saint Louis and Steven Vargas decided the space wasn’t a good fit for Table Culture Provisions, as reported last month.

They have been keeping the new location under wraps until they receive their final health department approval, but a new application to sell alcohol posted in the window of the former Chili Joe’s confirms that the restaurant will be opening in the cozy cafe space.

Saint Louis and Vargas gained fame after investing their pandemic stimulus checks in Tesla and turning the investment into a $17,000 windfall that helped them launch their restaurant and mobile kitchen. The move to a new location is part of a larger plan to work with Asombrosa Farm in Petaluma, a 65-acre plot with a 7,000-square-foot barn and culinary garden.

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