Sonoma County Town Makes Vogue’s Top U.S. Destinations to Visit in 2018

Small towns are en vogue this year, at least according to Vogue magazine. In a recent roundup of top U.S. destinations to visit in 2018, the legendary fashion mag highlighted the hip factor of the American small town, describing it as “increasingly cool” and “quickly rising in popularity among today’s jet set.” And what town did we (somewhat unexpectedly) find among these hot travel spots? Santa Rosa!

Now, we already know that Santa Rosa rocks, but to call the urban center of Sonoma County a “small town” might be a bit of a stretch – or contraction. (Of course, by comparison to Vogue’s usual suspects – major cities with skyscrapers and high speed trains – Santa Rosa may seem like the cute town in the country, so they may be forgiven for that, ever so slight, oversight).

On to the more important question: what was it that caught Vogue’s eye in Santa Rosa, and made our county capital join the ranks of Salem, Massachusetts; Lexington, Kentucky and Sarasota, Florida? Click through the gallery above to find out. And leave your comment below to share your favorite spots in Santa Rosa.

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