10 Best Pizza Pies in Sonoma County

Here's where the best Friday night pizza -- the stuff that comes in a box with pepperoni and mushrooms -- can be found in Sonoma County.

Mombo's Pizzeria (photo John Burgess/PD)
Mombo’s Pizzeria (photo John Burgess/PD)

This isn’t your fancy wood-fired pizza, or pizza with four kinds of Brie. This is Friday night Pizza in Sonoma County. The ooey-gooey stuff you pull out of a box and eat with a paper towel. here are a handful of our favorite mom-and-pop spots for the Best Friday Night Pizza in Sonoma County. All of these were submitted by Biteclubbers.

1. NY Pie
Mike Petterssen has a favorite quote that pretty much sums up Americans’ universal love of pizza. “You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t pizza,” says Petterssen, who owns NY Pie in downtown Santa Rosa. Pizza is the Friday night family dinner, with more than $38 billion in annual sales , primarily at mom and pop stores like Petterssen’s. It’s also the late night nosh, the quick lunchtime slice and the after-game fuel-up we all love.

“When kids get together, they don’t have hamburger parties,” Petterssen says.

And while fancy wood-fired, knife-and-fork style pizzas have their place, old school spots like NY Pie serve up thin-crust, tomato sauce and mozzarella pies meant to be shared. They require the Manhattan-style fold to cram a slice into your face, and they’re uniquely Italian-American.

“There should be a little grease running down your hands when you eat it,” adds Petterssen.

Best Friday Night Pizza in Sonoma County. This pizza is from Joey's in Santa Rosa. Photo: Heather Irwin (eater)
Best Friday Night Pizza in Sonoma County. This pizza is from Joey’s in Santa Rosa. Photo: Heather Irwin (eater)

He and his wife, Kristina, recently renovated the small pizzeria at the corner of Brookwood Avenue and Fourth Street, expanding the footprint of the original restaurant once owned by New Yorkers RJ and Camille Iervolino. Although the couple retired to Southern California, Petterssen says he frequently talks to them and continues to use the original recipes developed by Camille.

“The sauce is an old Italian recipe, and we fresh slice blocks of whole milk mozzarella. The real secret to a great New York style pizza is the recipe and ingredients.”

The Minnesota native, who has owned NY Pie for two years, says he loved being able to order pizza at 2 a.m. on Christmas morning — or pretty much any day — and having it arrive hot at his home, which is why he continues to provide daily delivery until 3 a.m. His busiest time? “Anytime after midnight.”

The pizzeria (65 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa, 526-9743) hasw 20 beers on tap, slices and an expanded menu including calzones and sandwiches. But Friday night pies will always be the heart and soul of his business, ranging from simple cheese to his best seller, the Godfather (with pepperoni, sausage, artichoke hearts and garlic).

“It’s just the funnest thing in the whole world to sell,” he says. “And we’ll always stay true to our New York roots,” he adds, which means that your pie will come with red pepper flakes and cheap Parmesan in a packet.

Here are some more local NY(ish)-style pies from pizzerias that offer late night delivery or pick-up, and the thin-crust, giant slices you can pick up, fold and share this weekend, with a smile on your face and just a little grease running down your fingers.

(Note: Call for delivery areas and hours, as they may vary.)

Gio's Pizza in Bennett Valley. Photo: Gios
Gio’s Pizza in Bennett Valley. Photo: Gios

2. Gio’s Pizza: This New York style pizzeria also was once owned by the Iervolinos and has stayed true to the founders’ vision. Friends say it’s the best slice in Sonoma County. Delivery 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays. 2700 Yulupa Ave., #5, Santa Rosa, 542-2797.

Mombo's Pizza in Santa Rosa California (mombo's website)
Mombo’s Pizza in Santa Rosa California (mombo’s website)

3. Mombo’s: There’s a reason the Santa Rosa outpost of this classic pizzeria is standing room only all weekend. It’s just darn good pizza. It’s our go-to on Friday nights, and we’re willing to wait the hour or two it takes for delivery during peak hours. Delivery available until 10 p.m. in Santa Rosa. Also, a selection of pizzas now available frozen. 1880B Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, 528-3278. Sebastopol location open until 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, until 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, 560 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, 823-7492.

4. Joey’s: Another neighborhood favorite, Joey’s has one of the largest pizza menus, including clam with garlic sauce and a cheeseburger pizza with mustard sauce and plenty of veggie options. Plus, you can get a slice of homemade cheesecake or Scooby Snacks (fried doughballs with cinnamon) added to your order. Late night weekend delivery until 1 a.m., 727 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, 595-5639.

Italian style pizza with basil, tomatoes, olive oil and mozzarella at La Vera restaurant in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD
Italian style pizza with basil, tomatoes, olive oil and mozzarella at La Vera restaurant in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD

5. La Vera: More than just a sit-down Italian restaurant, La Vera does a great take-out pizza. After 30 years in business, they know how to do pizza right. Slices available at lunch. Open until 9 p.m. daily, delivery via foodtoyou.com. 629 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 575-1113.

Simply Delicious Pizza in Santa Rosa. Courtesy of the PD.
Simply Delicious Pizza in Santa Rosa. Courtesy of the PD.

6. Simply Delicious: This West Santa Rosa pizzeria always gets big props for its family-friendly pizzas, which range from simple cheese to fancier versions with grilled eggplant and roasted red peppers. The crust is a little thicker than traditional NY style, but just as tasty. Open until 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Dine in or pick up only. 2780 Stony Point, Santa Rosa, 579-2083.

Red Grape pizza in Sonoma. (PD archive)
Red Grape pizza in Sonoma. (PD archive)

7. Red Grape Pizza: Though this dine-in restaurant’s pizzas only come in one size (12 inch) and are a little fancier than the usual New York style slices, it is definitely where Sonoma residents go for their Friday night pizzas. Pizzas come in white (olive oil and garlic) or red (tomato sauce), and even the cheese version is special, with aged Parmesan and gouda. A personal favorite is pear and gorgonzola. Dine in or pick up only, 529 First St., West, Sonoma, 996-4103.

Sal's New Yorker Pizza (courtesy of Yelp)
Sal’s New Yorker Pizza (courtesy of Yelp)

8. Sal’s New Yorker Pizza: This 2014 newcomer to the pizza game is a favorite pizzeria of SSU students. Open until 9 p.m. daily, delivery available. 8270 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati, 664-8460.

Rafy's Pizzeria in Petaluma (courtesy of Yelp)Rafy's Pizzeria in Petaluma (courtesy of Yelp)
Rafy’s Pizzeria in Petaluma (courtesy of Yelp)

9. Rafy’s Pizzeria: A New Yorker who’s spent the year tossing pies in the Big Apple serves up authentic slices big as your head. Petalumans give it a big thumbs-up. Open daily until 9 p.m., delivery available, 615 E. Washington, Petaluma, 559-5735.

Forestville Pizza in Forestville
Forestville Pizza in Forestville (Forestville Pizza)

10. Forestville Pizza: A local winemaker took over the former Andorno’s several years ago, preserving as one of the few pizza spots in West County. A;though this definitely isn’t a late-night location, locals say it’s their favorite take-out spot, with delivery available daily from 5 p.m. 6490 Mirabel Road, Forestville, 887-9574.

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26 thoughts on “10 Best Pizza Pies in Sonoma County

  1. Hectors Pizza in Petaluma on McDowell Blvd at Casa Grande. One of the best in the County with its Sourdough Pizza Crust.

  2. One night at 2am I really wanted a pizza. To make things even more tricky, I’m gluten free.
    I couldn’t believe it when I called ny pie and they could deliver a gluten free pizza by 3am. When I got the pizza it tasted fantastic.

  3. Papa’s Pizza cafe in Cloverdale has made great honemade pizza since 1988! With a new location opening soon! Everyone should check it out.

  4. Raymond’s Bakery on Cazadero Highway in Cazadero has a great Pizza and Live Music Night Fridays until 9 p.m. Delicious light-crusted pizza, beer, wine and danceable tunes! Families welcome! Plus their wonderful yummy baked goodies!

  5. To not even mention Old Chicago brings into question the whole validity of this article.

  6. My two favorite SoCo spots for great pizza are Diavola in Geyserville (well worth the trip despite their eye-popping wine prices) and Rosso in Petaluma, especially when it’s warm enough to dine outside. Great choices all around, excellent photos, and lively reader discussion. Is anyone really wrong here?

  7. My favorite part of any “best pizza” column in any newspaper on Earth is the inevitable comment section where former New Yorkers let us all know how inadequate our pizza is and how you can only get “real pizza” in NYC.

    I lived in NYC and let me tell you something, there’s some really good pizza there. There’s also some of the worst pizza on the planet. In fact, so much more of the latter than the former that New Yorkers should worry more about the crap pizza in NYC than pounding their chest and telling the rest of us how woeful *our* pizzas are. Get over yourselves.

    This “well, my grama is FROM Mars, so I know what a chocolate carrot shake is SUPPOSED to taste like” nonsense just makes people want to punch you.

  8. There is no such thing as NY pizza in California. California pizza has toppings, which is what makes it California pizza. NY pizza does not need toppings. I make my own NY pizza and it’s just like NY pizza. Forget buying NY pizza in California. These restaurants make pizzas that resemble soggy enchiladas.

  9. Two big misses. Tonys ( ala Tony Giimananni of north beach and Graton casino) and Russian River brewery. They rock. I hope ny pie has changed their recipe as these were not ny pies with the old crew. Also one that you got and maybe the best Joeys. Yours truly East coast pizza lover

    1. If you love Caesar salad — try Borolo’s — they make their own from scratch — best I’ve ever tasted!
      Pizzas are mucho delicioso too!
      Wish they had more eat-in space!

  10. Gio’s is slammin. . .

    Also don’t forget Pizzeria Capri in Sonoma! 20+ years of great pizza….

  11. Mombo’s always comes through with community benefits and fundraisers. Good neighbors.

  12. Thanks so much for this fun list, Heather. My office is 1 block from NY Pie. I’ve walked by hundreds of times, but have never had their pizza. Looking forward to trying it soon.

  13. For Deep Dish, Old Chicago, For Thin crust, BRIXX , both in Petaluma, both in the same building downtown. THE best of both styles.

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