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Wicked Slush Cocktails Coming to Santa Rosa

We’ve been a little jealous of the "slushtails" we’ve been hearing about in Petaluma, Healdsburg and Sonoma, but now they’re coming to Santa Rosa.

We’ve been a little jealous of the Wicked Slush cocktails we’ve been hearing about in Petaluma, Healdsburg and Sonoma, but now they’re coming to Epicenter in Santa Rosa.

The old Starbucks is gone and the activity center at Coffey and Piner has brought in Wicked Slush and Bella Rosa Coffee to keep things local, calling it Piner and Coffey to Go, natch. In case you were wondering, Epicenter is open for business, and you can bowl, do trivia on the patio, jump and game (socially distant) if you’re in need of some family fun.

3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa,

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3 thoughts on “Wicked Slush Cocktails Coming to Santa Rosa

  1. Where in Healdsburg are the slushtails available? I don’t recall seeing them at the stand? Thanks! Also, agree with Adam, great to see Wicked doing well and Epicenter keeping it local!

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