Shimo opening menu (Dec. 3)

Opening Menu for Shimo

Doors open on Chef Douglas Keane (and company’s) Healdsburg steakhouse, Shimo, December 3.
Opening menu:
shimo furi (she mõ furé )
Japanese for frost; refers to the snow like white color of the  intramuscular  marbling in the beef, which gives it a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness  and juiciness.
Our philosophy at Shimo differs from most traditional steakhouses and is  best explained as “quality not quantity”.  I have often thought that  steakhouse portions are too big and that six to ten ounces of high quality  protein is plenty to satiate most people.  I believe that the best steaks come from thick cuts of dry aged prime beef,  cooked on the bone and finished by searing and basting to create a  wonderful crust and delicious umami flavor.
To harmonize these seemingly opposite philosophies, most of our steaks are  larger cuts of meat but are intended to be shared by two or more people.
We have searched out the best tasting beef available and will continue to look for other cuts and styles. Please let us know if there is anything special  you would like to see on our menu.
six cheddar parmesan biscuits  $6
romaine salad with maple glazed bacon, parmesan and sansho dressing  $13
ginger shiso dashi with rock shrimp shumai  $12
tempura oyster with pickled lettuce and ginger sauce  $16
“shrimp cocktail” horseradish pudding, tomato syrup and delicate greens  $13
deviled jidori eggs with togarashi and tsukemono  $8
tuna tartar, asian pear, celery root and soy truffle sauce  $16
vegetables-enough to share
black truffle cauliflower gratin  $11
bacon brussels sprouts  $8
bean sprouts, sesame, chili, garlic and soy  $8
steamed snap peas and radish  $8
roasted seasonal mushrooms  aq
potatoes-enough to share
rösti  $10
puree  $9
“double baked and stuffed”  $12
sauces $3.50
creamed horseradish
blue cheese and garlic butter
seaweed yuzu butter
korean bbq tri tip 8oz    for one    $23
boneless new york strip 12oz   for one to two    $52
bone-in filet 12oz   for one to two    $55
bone-in new york strip 24oz  for two or three   $94
tomahawk rib eye 34oz   for three    $128
bone-in porterhouse 48oz  for four   $195
australian wagyu strip score10    cut to order  $20 /oz
poultry and fish
crispy poussin  $24
seafood of the day  aq