Safari West Resumes Wildlife Tours After Santa Rosa Fire

Safari West has reopened in the wake of the fires that ravaged the surrounding area and threatened the wildlife sanctuary less than six weeks ago.

Safari West, a wildlife sanctuary in Santa Rosa, has reopened in the wake of the Tubbs Fire that ravaged the surrounding area less than six weeks ago.

The Tubbs Fire threatened not only the 1,000 animals that reside on the 400-acre property, but also the over 100 employees and many overnight guests who were evacuated from the property as mandatory evacuation orders were put in place.

Safari West’s owners remained on site, putting out hot spots with garden hoses and keeping watch over the animals, the majority which remains on site, including the many giraffes the sanctuary is known for.

In total, two safari vehicles and two buildings were destroyed. Remarkably, none of the animals were harmed.

The parks’ owners and founders, Peter and Nancy Lang, lost their home, and so did many staff members.

As of November 20, Safari West is back open, offering their daily safari tours. Thanksgiving festivities will also take place, during which guests can dine surrounded by the gardens and the wild animals that reside in the sanctuary. They have yet to reopen their overnight, glamping experiences.

Safari West tours operate daily. Cost ranges from $45-$93 per person. (800) 616-2695, 3115 Porter Creek Rd., Santa Rosa,