RIP Santa Rosa’s Sonoma Taco Shop

A favorite Santa Rosa taqueria shutters unexpectedly after 25 years

Sonoma Taco Shop has closed after 25 years
Sonoma Taco Shop has closed after 25 years

I’ve heard from dozens of you regarding the surprising demise of the much-loved Sonoma Taco Shop in Santa Rosa. The family-owned spot on Montgomery Dr. (near Rosso Pizzeria) was the go-to for burritos and tacos for the last 25 years, and a surprising sign announcing the closure last weekend has folks rattled.

Sonoma Taco Shop has closed after 25 years
Sonoma Taco Shop has closed after 25 years

I haven’t reached the old or new owners yet, but the new restaurant is going to be called Taco Chido. A reader informed me that he had spoken with one of the old chefs who said the space will be remodeled and the new owner is hoping to keep on the old employees.

I’ll keep trying to find out more details.


5 thoughts on “RIP Santa Rosa’s Sonoma Taco Shop

  1. I still miss this place so much. Also miss California Thai. These were my favorite go-to places for delicious food that just so happened to accommodate my veg diet. Family run, affordable & friendly, comfortable environment. Thank you for serving us so well for so long.

  2. The location in Petaluma closed many years ago but the menu was really good at all the locations. Terra Linda is a long way to go. Miss Sonoma Taco!

  3. I have been eating here for 15 years.
    The best clean mexican food in Santa Rosa.
    Thanks to Larry Steele for turning me on to this place many years ago.

  4. I just went by Sonoma Taco Shop to get lunch yesterday and tried the doors and then saw the sign in the window and was shocked! I wonder why they closed. I loved that place. Sammy used to have my regular order ready by the time I paid most of the time. He is such a cool guy. I hope they do keep on the employees. They also had the best salsa in town.

    1. Like you, I enjoyed ordering from these folks and really like the feel they had for customer service.

      Way back in the “Music Box” days, the spot was Pueblo Del Sol, and if you could eat a three item combo of anything you were one brave Hombre.

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