Big Bottom Biscuits in Guerneville

Big Bottom Market biscuits are the bomb

Biscuits at Big Bottom Market in Guerneville (Heather Irwin)

If we could celebrate our love for the biscuits at Big Bottom Market in an interpretive dance we would, but seeing how this is print, we’ll just tell you that they’re worth the trip to Guerneville.

Lox biscuit at Big Bottom Market's Biscuit Bar (Heather Irwin)
Lox biscuit at Big Bottom Market’s Biscuit Bar (Heather Irwin)

Fluffy, yummy and just a hint of sweetness makes these so awesome — in a California way. Because no self-respecting Southerner would do what comes next. The new Biscuit Bar features these glutenous little pillows with pulled pork, mascarpone and honey, berries and whipped cream or (our fave) smoked salmon and pickled onions. Delish.

The focus on biscuits is just part of the update that co-owners Crista Luedtke, Kate Larkin and Michael Volpatt have given the gourmet general store just in time for summer. They’re adding a new culinary director (Cole Mayfield), along with a Muffuletta Sammie (hello, NOLA), bbq pulled pork sandwich and a mezze plate. Market faves like the Hangover, Parson Jones, soups and salads will remain, along with frozen biscuits to take home and cook.

FYI:  New Yorkers are about to get a taste of BB’s biscuitry, when they open a biscuit bar at Osteria Cotta on Columbus Ave. this summer. A little bit of SoCo in NYC ain’t a bad thing.

16228 Main St, Guerneville,