Recipes You’d Kill For…

Okay, shout out…
Which local chefs’/cooks’ recipes will you kill to have? Remember that amazing meal you had at last year and the crabcakes you just can’t get out of your mind? How about that freshly baked bread from the little steakhouse around the corner? Or even a cocktail you wish you could recreate at home…
Tell me what Wine Country recipes you want me to track down and I’ll do my best to find ’em, test ’em and post ’em right here on BiteClub.
Got an especially hard one to track down? Even better.
Tell me the recipe you’d kill to have…

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30 thoughts on “Recipes You’d Kill For…

  1. Could you get the recipe for the slaw at Willis seafood in Healdsburg? They gave it to me once and in moving to Maui I lost it. I would be so grateful

  2. The margaritas at Maya in Sonoma! My friends and I call them crack cocaine margaritas because they are so freaking good! We go almost every Friday…start craving them around 2pm! I will never make them myself, but I just want to know what the heck is in them that makes them so damn good!

  3. I would love to have the English Pea Risotto recipe from Pizza Vino 707 in Sebastopol. Thanks.

  4. 1. Mateo’s version of polenta with egg on top
    2. The fava salad from Santi
    3. Meat canoas from El Coqui
    4. Anything made by Sam Ogura at Yao Kiku, especially soups

  5. I would love to have the recipe for the crab cakes at K and L Bistro in Sebastopol. Crispy outside, moist inside with lots and lots of crab. I also would like the rib and cole slaw recipes from Underwood in Graton. We love the honey glazed prawns and toasted walnuts at Gary Chus. We would follow you to the end of the earth if you could get these for us.

  6. The hanger steak at Jacksons. I had one bite of it and an accidental spillage of our tray of drinks left glass and cocktails all over us and the food. Sadly we had to leave to dry off. The next time we came back it was off the menu. I re-
    ember it had a wonderful green sauce on it. Of course I could never make it like they did. I can dream.
    Thanks, Mary

  7. Pomegranate Chicken recipe from Aram’s Cafe in Petaluma. Aram’s served Pomegranate Chicken for decades before “pomegranate” became pupular! Their Hummus is the best on the planet also! Aram’s CLOSED in the past week…after 20+ years ib business! What a huge dining loss for P-town! 🙁

  8. The mushroom appetizer at Mosaic in Forestville… Oh my god! Made with local mushrooms and cheese too.
    It’s not on the menu but always a special and boy is it!

  9. When my wife and I visit Santa Rosa we look forward to having breakfast at Jeffrey’s Hillside Cafe. We particularly enjoy the “Sticky Bun French Toast” and the “Cheese Blintzes.” Both selections are amazing. We would love to get the recipes for these two items so we can try them out at home when we are back in Reno. Again, these two menu items are “to die for.” Thanks.

  10. Please, please, please, the lemon cupcakes from Village Bakery in Sebastopol. Not too sweet, perfect frosting-to-cake ratio, and a surprising little burst of tart lemon curd in the middle. Yummmmmm.

  11. The fig & arugula salad from the Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen. At ethere two years ago and I’m dying to make it out here in NJ.

  12. please the riblets from Willi’s Seafood Restaurant in Healdsburg. It’s a wonderful mix of asian ingredients like tamarine paste and chili’s. Fortunately, it’s never off the menu, but I’d like to make it at home!

  13. Nectar at The Hiton had a drink a few summers back. Starburst something? Vodka and citrus. So tart and refreshing and a beautiful color.

  14. The Ginger Cookie recipe from the Food Company in Gualala. Dark, soft in the inside, crunchy on the outside and oh so gingery. The Food Company is no longer there, but someone in Gualala must know where the chef/owner went!

    1. OMG I’m sitting here in Charleston, SC, CRAVING those dang cookies….weeping because I’ve just learned that they have closed. Searching crazily for the recipe….did you have any luck? Wondering if someone else in Gualala may be making them now….

  15. The polenta from the Willowwood Market Cafe in Graton! It never tastes as good when I make it at home.
    I second the crab cakes at La Gare…
    Also, one time Zazu did this dish called “Calamari 3” (Calamari to the third power, I think) and it was squid ink pasta, sauteed calamari and fried calamari. I would LOVE that recipe!

  16. Maya in Sonoma has a ‘to die for’ Tre Leches Cake. It was soooo good I haven’t forgotten though it’s been many months since I’ve had it.

  17. I would love, love, love, love to have the waffle recipe from P/30 and the buttermilk panna cotta recipe from Ad Hoc.
    Love Bite Club!

  18. From Le Gare:
    Crabcakes (yes please) and their Peppercorn Sauce.
    One for my wife, that’s not necesarrily “wine country” but it’s in SF. The sauce they cover the Ham Plate with. If I could make that for my wife she’d keep me around for ever… not that it’s a problem or anything, but that’d be huge!
    I can’t think of anything else just off the bat here, but if I do I’ll be back.

  19. Juanita Juanita in El Verano – the Chicken Tortilla Soup is to die for. It’s only offered Oct – April, so don’t bother looking for it now. The broth is what makes it so yummy, not to mention all the other incredibly fresh ingredients. It’s probably fairly simple, but they won’t let on what the secret is. Good luck and I hope to read the recipe in print right here in BiteClub! Thanks.

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