Ready, set, crab…

Good judgment can be such a burden. At least that’s what I hear.

Unrestrained by such things, my going 30 miles for a crab sandwich seemed like a perfectly sensible thing to do on a Wednesday afternoon…
…in the beating rain
…while I was supposed to be at work
…at speeds which may have, at one point or two, exceeded the legal limit.

Because (and here is where I justify everything) it was the first day of Dungeness Crab season.

Destination: Spud Point Crab Co.

Why bother? Mounds of hand-picked, feathery light crab piled onto a warm French roll, slathered with Thousand-island (ish) dressing. Fresh crab cakes. Eating chowder on the docks among hundreds of colorful crab pots while fishermen literally run to their boats in the opening days of the season.

Suddenly, thirty miles suddenly doesn’t seem quite so far. Or so crazy.

Spud Point Crab Company: 1860 Westshore Road, Bodega Bay, 707.875.9472. Open 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week

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