Anthony Bourdain

He smokes. He drinks. He cusses. He once ate a still-beating Cobra heart. And suffice to say that his after 2am antics are, uh, legendary in the foodie world.

If ever a chef approached rock-star status, Anthony Bourdain…well, he’d probably give them a good smack down and spit in their food. (Of Jamie Oliver, the babeish ‘Naked Chef’, Bourdain once said, “That guy is neither naked nor a chef.” Ouch.)

Once the venerated chef of New York’s Les Halles (and the best-seller Kitchen Confidential), Bourdain has all but given up his chef’s whites to travel the world in search of food, trouble (you can see his show ‘No Reservations’ on the Travel Channel)…and fawning fans.

Tonight, Bourdain graces Sonoma to regale a sold-out audience with tales of eating and excess in his contribution to the new collection of chef essays, ‘How I Learned to Cook’.

If you can’t make the show, don’t worry. Chances are Bourdain will be searching out pig snouts, chicken feet or some other equally strange delicacy around our parts well into the wee hours of the morning. At least, we hope so. (Tony, feel free to call me. Anytime.)

Anthony Bourdain: 7pm, Andrews Hall, 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma
$5, EVENT SOLD OUT, but a limited number of tickets available at the door.