Pies on the fly

You had one job. Bring the pie.
And you forgot, didn’t you?

Okay, don’t panic. BiteClub is here to help-

Best bet: Mom’s Apple Pie
Chance of actually getting one: Dream the impossible dream.
For you sorry slackers, Mom is staying up late Wednesday and opening early Thanksgiving morning. And these are, without a doubt, the biggest, baddest, yummiest fruit pies in town. Now, here’s the deal, there will only be a few non-reserved pies available, so you’ll need to get there bright and early. Doors open at 9am, and its purely first-come, first-serve-so get your pie-shoving elbows sharpened.
Mom’s Apple Pie: 4550 Gravenstein Hwy. North, Sebastopol, 707.823.8330

Solid second choice: Marie Callender’s
Chance of actually getting one: Good
Here’s the inside scoop: Marie’s got a whole back-room full of pies just waiting for last-minute folks to swoop in on Thursday morning looking for pumpkin, apple and, well, any of the dozens of pies they make every day. They won’t reserve pies, but we’re assured that there’s plenty of pumpkin. Again, go early.
Marie Callender’s : 2460 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, 707.547.0747

In a pinch: Kozlowski’s Fruit Pies
Chance of actually getting one: Fair
Pecan-crumb top made right here in Sonoma County. You can find them at Pacific Market (Santa Rosa), Fiesta (Sebastopol) , Big John’s (Healdsburg) and Oliver’s (Santa Rosa).

Not bad for a supermarket: Whole Foods
Chance of actually getting one: Fair to good
Of all the supermarkets, Whole Foods’ pumpkin pie is actually pretty dang good. Nice and spicy, rich, and with a crumbly, rich crust. Quite possibly better than homemade. At least when some of you are cooking.
Whole Foods: 1181 Yulupa, Santa Rosa; 6910 McKinley, Sebastopol; 621 E. Washington, Petaluma

It’s 2pm and I seriously can’t find a pie: Safeway-but grab some whipping cream
Chance of actually getting one: Good
I honestly can’t begrudge Safeway’s bakery. They make a solid bagel. They’re even doing some cute little gourmet treats these days. So, if you find yourself stuck, grab a pumpkin pie and some fresh whipping cream. No, not the stuff in the can. The stuff that’s in a carton. Whip it up, add some sugar, a little cinnamon and plop it on the pie liberally. It will cover a multitude of sins. Even the fact that you forgot the pie.
Safeway: Multiple locations

PS: Where you won’t get a pie, cake or anything else? Michelle Marie’s Patisserie (yeah, I was thinking of getting one there, too) is closed on Thanksgiving