Ragin Cajun in the RP

Need to kick it up a notch this Thanksgiving? Bam! The brand-spankin’ new Popeye’s Chicken in Rohnert Park (ca c’est bon) is offering pre-cooked Cajun fried turkeys (about $49 for a 10.5 pounder) all week. Yep. Fried turkey.

Spicier than a busload of sorority girls headed for Mardi Gras, this bird is gay-ron-teed to keep your tastbuds tingling through halftime, Aunt Lizzie’s slideshow and little Annabelle’s performance of ‘Oklahoma!’

Yes, laissez les bon temps roulez and stuff your face with sides of sweet potato casserole, oyster cornbread casserole, a handful of biscuits and honey…and, oh my god yes, the world’s best red beans and rice (the secret’s in the bacon fat).

Because hey ya’ll, even us Californians like to get our cajun on from time to time.

Popeye’s Chicken: 3 Padre Parkway, Rohnert Park, 707.588.8340

PS: Post holiday, there’s plenty of fried crayfish and Boss sauce to keep your belly humming like a Zydeco band on Friday night. Eye-eee!