Plenty of Fish to Fry at Santa Rosa Seafood

Longtime Santa Rosa seafood spot is open for biz.

A trio of disasters hasn’t stopped a longtime family of Santa Rosa seafood purveyors from coming back even stronger. In fact, things are now going swimmingly. 

After a 2-alarm fire last May, Santa Rosa Seafood briefly closed for repairs, but owner Nick Svedise says they’re very much reopened. “We’ve gotten a lot of calls from customers thinking we are still closed,” said Svedise, who took over from his father, Mike, after his untimely death at age 59 in 2017.

The family’s sprawling seafood compound (which includes a retail store and restaurant at 946 and 958 Santa Rosa Ave.) also suffered another smaller fire in the restaurant kitchen months ago, but things are totally back to normal, according to Svedse. 


The seafood shop is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:30a.m. to 6:30p.m. and the raw bar and grill is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday. 707-579-3474,


2 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish to Fry at Santa Rosa Seafood

  1. Looking forward to trying out your restaurant. I am asking all local establishments to please not support Factory Farming, support local farmers, organic is best for all involved. Also please vote YES ON PROP. 12, the Farm Bill, and put a small dent in the suffering that goes on in Factory farms, right here in Petaluma. Stop the suffering, its wrong.

  2. Well, if you look closely as you drive by, the restaurant is open. However, as of September 22nd, part of the building near the restaurant is still boarded up from the most recent fire, so people driving by can be confused.

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