Santa Rosa’s Best Oktoberfest Menu Is Ooompa-Pa-Pa Good

Head to Franchetti's for an authentic brew and wurst experience

You’re halfway to Munich at Franchetti’s Woodfire Kitchen on Saturday, Sept. 29. The restaurant will celebrate Oktoberfest and owner Gesine Franchetti’s German heritage with a beer-friendly menu of soft pretzels, wurst and kraut fritters, German potato salad (Muttis bester Kartoffel Salat), homemade tater tots with lox and horseradish, a mixed grill plate with pork chops and rostbraten and Kaese Spaetzle, a German-style mac and cheese with shredded Emmentaler and caramelized onions.

Reservations are recommended. 1229 North Dutton, Santa Rosa,, 707-526-1229.

If you miss the 29th, Gesine’s German schnitzel and pork roast are always on the dinner menu.