Pizzando Preview with Liza Shaw

Meet Liza. She makes amazing pizza.

With all the wood-fired restaurants cropping up in Wine Country, it’s clearly a good time to be familiar with a Mugnaini. And there  are few who know their way around big ovens, 00 flour and a pizza peel like Liza Shaw.

The former A16 chef has been tapped to impart her doughy ways at the recently-opened Campo Fina, Reddwood as a consultant. But don’t expect the same pizzas at each spot. We chatted with Shaw, and she explained how she customizes the texture, dough and cooking time for each restaurant. For one, it’s a sturdy, lightly browned pie. For another a spongier crust and darker crust.

So far, BiteClub’s favorite is the pizza at her newest project–the forthcoming Pizzando with Spoonbar chef, Louis Maldonado. Crafted with imported flour, a two-day rise and a super hot 750 degree oven, they’re crispy and chewy at the same time with minimal ingredients. Crushed San Marzano’s, fresh mozzarella, torn basil, a little salt.

Want to check it out?  Spoonbar is previewing the pizzas and other menu items at the remaining  “Pizzando Pop-Up” dinners on Wednesday July 11 and Wednesday July 25.

Check out photos from the June 26 dinner: Tuna crudo with salsa verde, pickled carrots and mint, pizza Margherita, slow roasted pork ribs with lavender honey, spiced oxtail, and baked polenta.

Pizzando Pop Up at Spoonbar: 219 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 707-431-2202.

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