Pete Buttigieg: Why Not Try These Sonoma Wine Cave Experiences Next Time?

While we try to stay away from political remarks here at Sonoma Magazine, we have to ask: why Napa and not Sonoma County, Mayor Pete?

It is not every day that Wine Country makes an appearance in a presidential debate. But we live in strange times, and stranger things have happened.

Judging from news sites and social media feeds, one of the key moments during last night’s Democratic debate was when Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized Mayor Pete Buttigieg for holding a fundraiser with wealthy donors in a luxurious Napa Valley wine cave (turns out, it was Hall Wines in Rutherford).

Following the contentious exchange between Warren and Buttigieg, the hashtag #winecave quickly began trending on Twitter. What is a wine cave? Where is the wine cave? These were some of the questions the American people pondered as they were assessing the performances of the Democratic candidates.

Now, while we try to stay away from making political remarks here at Sonoma Magazine, the question we’d like to ask is this: Why not Sonoma, Mayor Pete? We also have wine caves with excellent wines — but with fewer shiny items to distract voters from the real issues at hand.

Ok, you’re from Indiana, we’ll give you that — but you’re a smart guy: you should have known this Napa wine cave might have been a tad too much. If nothing else, the chandelier with 1,500 Swarowski crystals should have given you an idea… But hey, we’re kind folks here at Sonoma Magazine and we’re always eager to help out-of-towners have the best Wine Country experience. That’s why we’ve lined up a few Sonoma wine caves for you to try on your next visit.

You’re welcome, Mayor Pete. Click through the gallery above for all the details.