Things To Do in Sonoma, What's New in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is Open for Business: New Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries to Check Out

From a revamped retro hotel to new restaurants, wineries and brewpubs, there's no shortage on places to explore in Sonoma County this fall.

Sonoma County residents received some good news on October 31: the fires that had ravaged the region for three weeks were fully contained. This marked the beginning of the rebuilding process, with local businesses taking resolute steps toward recovery and declaring “Sonoma County is open for business!”

That declaration is not only being made by longtime brick and mortar businesses in our communities, but also new businesses that look forward to welcoming locals and visitors alike. From a revamped retro hotel to a bright and airy yoga studio, a handful of restaurants, wineries and even a brewpub, you’ll have no shortage of new places to explore in Sonoma County this fall. Click through the gallery above for all the details.


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