Kettle Chips: People’s Choice Winner

I want a recount.

In a devastating turn of events, Kettle Chips announced that Island Jerk has won the 2007 People’s Choice vote, narrowly shutting out Twisted Chili Lime and Dragon 5 Spice. As supreme chip of the year, the flavor (think barbecue meets allspice) will go into production this summer.

Call me crushed. My man, Royal Indian Curry, wasn’t even a contender.

Confused? For the past two years, Oregon-based Kettle Foods has offered a collection of limited edition potato chip flavors “this year it was jerk, chili lime, Dragon 5 Spice, chocolate and curry “through their website. Food freaks (like me) get all worked up over this and spend $20 just to taste these wacky snacks not offered to the general public. In the end, only one flavor is left standing, the rest relegated to a salty memory.

Like my man, Curry. Rest in peace, friend.

Kettle Chips at

Want to order your own 2007 People’s Choice Chips? Click here. Your Superbowl friends will be very impressed.

PS How come the UK gets flavors like Apple, Sage & Thyme, Crème Fraiche and Buffalo Mozzerela? Dude, I want those. Check out what our cousins across the pond like.