Infusions Teahouse

You locked the keys in the house this morning. A flock of birds christened the hood of your freshly-washed car. Your boss wanted that report two days ago. And your boyfriend failed to notice your new $200 hairdo.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but right now, you’re not sure what they are. Time for a little tea.

Requiring us world-weary patrons to take a moment, sit back and relax, the newly-opened Infusions Teahouse in Sebastopol is an oasis of ohm. Let yourself be mesmerized by the wall of shining silver containers filled with exotic loose leaf teas. Take a seat on the puffy couch and meditate for a moment on everything from organic oolong to Earl Gray.

Overwhelmed? Owner and tea enthusiast Miki Shamir gently guides customers along, offering up suggestions and advice on the more than 100 infusions she has on hand.

But forget the tacky tea bags and paper cups. The real relaxation moment comes from infusing your own tea at the table. There’s no hurrying the steep. Breathe. Pour. Sip. Repeat. Problems dissolved.

Infusions Teahouse, 6988 McKinley, Sebastopol, 829.1181

Offering tea and small plates (many vegan) daily. Weekly music and poetry events in the evening. Check out for more information, tea menus and events.