Emily’s Kitchen in Santa Rosa Will Stay Open

Owner Emily Nagan said on Friday that one of her longtime employees is planning to take over the popular Montgomery Village restaurant.

Following recent news of the upcoming closure of Emily’s Kitchen in Santa Rosa, owner Emily Nagan said on Friday that one of her longtime employees, Pina Zarate, is planning to take over the popular breakfast and lunch spot in Montgomery Village.

Although details are still in the works, Nagan said the restaurant will remain open as she teaches Zarate the ropes of restaurant ownership — as well as her hash recipe.

“I was hoping Sunday would be my last day, but not anymore,” said Nagan, whose decision to close the restaurant came out of a desire to slow down after years of hard work. “Everyone’s really happy Emily’s Kitchen isn’t going away,” she added.

Earlier in the week, Nagan underlined that her decision to close the restaurant was not a result of the coronavirus pandemic hurting business but rather because she needed to take care of herself.

“It’s been a super successful business, but I need to give my body a break. I’m working ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week. I just need to step back and give my body a break,” she said.

Nagan, who has nine employees, told shopping center owners she planned to retire last February and was waiting for someone to take over the lease with a similar concept.

“Coronavirus didn’t make me quit, it just helped make my closing date a little sooner,” she said.

Nagan added that social distancing has squelched some of the fun she had as a restaurant owner.

“I like to hug people and I like people to gather. With all the regulations, that’s just not my kind of restaurant,” she said.

Once retired, Nagan hopes to work on a cookbook and maybe do some quilting and stained glass window making. She’s also considering a cottage business for her popular desserts.


4 thoughts on “Emily’s Kitchen in Santa Rosa Will Stay Open

  1. Hello All you Emily Kitchen LOVERS!!! Pina did not take owner ship of the Kitchen. I, Julie Crane her long time employee am the owner. Everything will stay the same it will just be Jewelz’ Kitchen. AMAZING FOOD, SERVICE, and DOG FRIENDLY PATIO will continue!!!

  2. This is great news! As a dog owner, I’ve always enjoyed the lovely patio and wonderful food. Enjoy your retirement, Emily and best of luck to the new proprietor.

  3. Good luck, Emily! I hope your namesake restaurant doesnt change too much! Congratulations and best wished for success to Ms. Zarate!!

  4. This makes me sad. Emily’s featured a pet-friendly patio and I brought my recently deceased dogs Max & Lu there with me for dozens of breakfasts together. The waiters always knew we needed a table for 3. I have brought friends and family there, the staff was always very welcoming and the food was homestyle and delicious. I will miss my favorite breakfast place and Emily and Patrick.

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