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Devoto family pleads for land to plant heirloom apples

WANTED: Please Help The Devoto Family Find Land

The Devoto Family, courtesy of CropMobster

The Devoto Family, courtesy of CropMobster
The Devoto Family, courtesy of CropMobster

WANTED: Please Help The Devoto Family Find Land

URGENT Need for 50 Acre Lease to Plant Heritage Apples & Stay in Business Locally (Sonoma County, CA)

CropMobster Nick Papadopoulos is once again putting out a 911 to the food community to help Sonoma’s largest producer of ciders made with locally grown apples continue their business.

What they need? 50 acres of land to lease and grow heirloom apples. (They’ll pay rent and do the land stewardship)

Let’s all see if we can get the word out to help the Devotos...

Here are some more details…

  • They need ideas, connections and community support
  • They are unable to afford to buy land at this time. The ideal solution and wish come true would be to lease 50 acres for planting heirloom apples in Sonoma County
  • Note: it doesn’t have to be one big parcel – each can be as small as 9 acres
  • The challenge is finding a 25-30 year lease.
  • The Devotos will build a fence, a well and replant the orchard– all at their cost – and pay the land-owner a good rent every year
  • They are stewards of the land – and will turn your property into a beautiful, thriving organic farm

Don’t have land? Help out by sharing

If you have land, leads, tips or suggestions please contact Hunter Wade ASAP at

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3 thoughts on “Devoto family pleads for land to plant heirloom apples

  1. Yes, please…come to Kennedy Rd., we’d love to have organic apples back rather than more vineyards! Too bad Twin Hills sold out to vineyards…very sad. I only have one acre, but would welcome apples.

  2. I have a friend with 3 available acres on stony point road and hwy 116 with lots of free horse manure LOL He might be really interested!!

  3. I wish I had 9 acres of land! There is a property on 8200 block of Kennedy Road in Sebastopol for sale that may be big enough. It used to be a farm, I think. There are some existing apple trees, but don’t look very well tended to. Maybe one of the Devotos can contact the realtor? If I were looking to buy a place and was told the property would generate income and come with an organic apple orchard with people who will take care of it, I’d be thrilled. Good luck!

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