Flipside Steakhouse is OPEN

Steak and sports bar. No karaoke?

Just heading out of town, but I wanted to share this release on the recently opened Flipside Steakhouse. They’ll be hosting a Superbowl party this weekend as well…Stay tuned for more details.flip

Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar is now open, drawing crowds with its inviting mix of top-quality food, family-friendly atmosphere, moderate prices, and comfortable décor. The restaurant is located at 138 Calistoga Road at Highway 12 in the St. Francis Shopping Center.

The steakhouse side of Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar features a full dinner service restaurant with a menu of steaks, prime rib, burgers, seafood, salads, and a raw bar, all featuring locally-sourced fresh produce and ingredients. A generous children’s menu is a draw for parents, and kids under 10 eat for free every day before 7 p.m. Primarily local wines, craft beer on tap and in bottle, and a full bar are available, and a selection of classic desserts and signature shakes satisfy the sweet tooth. The Steakhouse also offers a large banquet room for private events.

The adjacent sports bar is the largest sports bar in Bay Area, and offers:
A gastropub lunch menu, the same dinner menu as the Steakhouse plus a late night menu
Four billiards tables
27 high-definition 55-inch and 150-inch 3D projector televisions
Broadcasts of sporting events from across the U.S. and around the world
“We are out to prove that an authentic steakhouse doesn’t have to be stuffy and over-priced, but instead can offer high value at a fair price,” said Nino Rabbaa, CEO of Flip Hospitality and Entertainment Group, formerly SoCo Hospitality Group. “We want to be your favorite neighborhood restaurant with great food and a fun,friendly and casual atmosphere.”

Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar is the newest venue in the rapidly expanding Flip Hospitality and Entertainment Group. The company also operates Chez Vous Catering to You; Flipside Bar & Burger on Third Street in downtown Santa Rosa; and the Lakeside Grill in Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa. The company is currently renovating Space XXV and Rendez Vous Bistro, both on Santa Rosa’s old Courthouse Square, to reopen this spring. In early summer, the company will debut its Flipside Brewhouse in Rohnert Park, in the space formerly occupied by Latitude Island Grill.

Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar is open for lunch at 11 a.m. in the sports bar and serves continuously until midnight seven days a week. The adjacent steakhouse serves dinner from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., and will open soon for weekend brunch. For more information, visit www.flipsidesteakhouse.com or follow Flipside Steakhouse on Facebook. Reservations can be made by phone at 707-539-7700 or on the Open Table web site.


17 thoughts on “Flipside Steakhouse is OPEN

  1. Steak sauces were served straight from the fridge, mmmmm coagulated. Meat quality no better then outback. Price, way more then Starks. Atmosphere, way less then Starks. Reason to try flipside again? Nope.

  2. And no vegetarian choices in sight. I know it’s a steakhouse, but even Outback and Kettleman’s include a basic veggie entree. A veggie burger or some sort of simple meatless pasta and my wife would have been happy…

    Also, no kids menu at lunch.

    Good service, but overall, disappointing. Hope they fix up some of these issues.

  3. I have gone to this establishment three times.
    The first time was on opening night. The waiter was really nice, but overly intrusive. He came up to my sister and I over 20 times throughout the course of our dinner. The fries were cold or still frozen, I couldn’t tell. The burger was really good. We got a great discount because it was opening night. I decided to try the place again.
    I went with my boyfriend, and we both ordered beer. Both beers were luke-warm. I stood at the bar for 5-8 minutes, making eye contact with all of the bartenders. I kept trying to talk to them as well. They went around me to serve others. I finally was able to get two new beers that were actually cold.
    We ordered fries that were overly salted. The burger was good, but the entire order was over $40 just for two beers, a burger, salad, and fries. It was overly loud both times, making it difficult to even converse with others. The steak house side seems much more calm and romantic, although I could never afford to eat there.
    Doc Holiday’s had better food than this place

  4. Checked it out and it’s not my kind of place. By having a really loud bar with pool tables and lots of televisions they appear to be going after the young crowd which filled Rita’s for years. However the prices are steep for the 20-something demographic.
    The dining room lacks charm and looks more like a poorly lit dining hall. No intimacy or wall decorations. The food was mixed. Had a great prime rib with a bad salad, a re-heated baked potato, and a so-so desert. All at a pretty steep price.

  5. just another overpriced restaurant with over priced cocktails. 2 years they will change owners or go belly up. Calistoga rd and that area are for 60 + . everybody are watching their weight and cholesterol. good luck .

  6. I have to disagree with some of the “harsh” comments posted here based on my experience last Friday night. I took some friends to Flipside at the recommendation of my boss who had a great experience there a few nights earlier. I have to say, I was skeptical because I do not like the Flipside Burger Bar downtown AT ALL! But I was pleasantly surprised. The service was a solid 10! We were attended to kindly, frequently and efficiently. Out of the the four of us, the only dish I wasn’t wild about was the filet mignon which I felt was a bit over-cooked for my taste and had too much salt and pepper rub. The prime rib cuts had by colleague and myself (separate cuts) were outstanding. My fiance had a burger and although I did not taste it, he thought it was delicious. The pop-over bread appetizer was awesome – so much better than the stale rolls and cold butter you find elsewhere. Bottom line is, we all have different taste but I find it disheartening that some of the “foodies” out there tend to skewer places and come off as an ass instead of simply stating a preference (or non-preference). Your personal opinion about the owners is uncalled for and really, what have you done?? Relax.

  7. who are the crazies that continue to invest in Nino?? To his credit, this guy tries extremely hard. He wants very badly to be a mogul in our local eating scene. The problem is he just doesn’t get it. $9+ burgers are just not going to cut it. He does not know how to train his staff because he has no training himself. This will be another it what seems to be a long line of “flipside failures”. Wow, I think I just named the next venture.

  8. I went to check it out last week. Flipside looked promising with 4 pool tables and quite a few TV panels in the bar side of the house. The cocktails were prepared by a person that had 0 clue on how to bartender and the drinks were like $8 each with like a half poor in them. I ordered 12 buffalo wings to go, I got home started to unpack the meal and discovered there was I mean a drop of blue cheese dressing in the plastic ramekin and no celery or carrots in the containers. The next huge disappointment was the fact that the wings tasted like a salt block, so I looked closer they were pre made breaded wings. Really, I’m looking for a new place in town that rocks food and I spend $42.00 with tip on three drinks and 12 frozen wings, nice job!

  9. Largest sports bar in the bay area? I just went to Ricky’s in San Leandro for the first time(#2 sports bar in America) and they have at least twice the # of tv’s. Based on Linda’s comment, sounds like the same high prices as the Burger Bar. Went there on opening day and paid way too much. Haven’t been back since.

    1. Cocktails are taxed in CA…many places price them so that with tax added they come out to even dollars or at least something easy to make change for like $4.50…

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